Welcome to The Launched in 2013 as a fashion blog, it’s evolved into a collective of ambitious women who are creative entrepreneurs, climbing the corporate ladder, community leaders or just trying to figure it all out.

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I wrote my first book when I was six. I stapled 8 loose -leaf pages of college ruled notebook paper together and an author was born. Yea, I’m a college dropout but I aced every research paper that I wrote during my 3-year stint. I’m a natural storyteller and have been told that I have a way with words. Some of my best work has landed in the inboxes of my friends, managers and colleagues via my ghostwritten ‘get over yourself’ and resignation emails. Writing didn’t become a real thing for me until a friend asked me to contribute articles to a local online publication in 2018. Before that, I had a fashion blog but I’d never written news or op-eds. Fast-forward 12 months and I have been published in multiple publications and have written speeches and pitches for others as a service.

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